Founder's Message

With all humility and gratitude I bow my head before Allah Almighty for granting me the honor of a person whose dreams He turned into reality rather granted much more than I dreamt. May His blessings continue to shower on Pakistan, Nutrabiotics and all members of Nutrabiotics Family. Ameen!

Today I see Nutrabiotics not only occupying a leadership position in terms of Nutraceutical division but also as a trend setter for the Nutraceutical industry. I strongly feel the need to pause and reflect on all the good work done.

How I started to journey bit by bit, step by step with nothing but faith in hard work and Allah Almighty and the courage to take on anything which comes in the way of progress.  I always believed in focus approach and never got afraid of going slowly but was afraid only of standing still. Today I can see Nutrabiotics taking lead in adopting sophisticated technology and adapting to new quality standard which are ideal to exploit global market. Today I can see Nutrabiotics as a fast going organization poised to lead the Nutraceutical industry. We have been able to deliver our promises only because of the trust, and confidence of our valued customer and the excellent & committed efforts of our employees. Nutrabiotics is committed to remain a competitive force in the market place on the basis of quality, innovation, service values, reputation, corporate governments as well as excellence in management and strategic business relations. We will strive to benefit patients, client, partner, employees, shareholders and the society in general through meaningful scientific impact, strategic leadership, excellence and commercial success.

With the blessings of Almighty Allah and those of our forefathers, today Nutrabiotics Nutritional life science is not only a reality but has proven itself to be a company which is committed to excellence. Nutrabiotics Nutritional Life Science considers growth as ongoing activity, we therefore are committed to developing, producing and distributing the highest quality Nutraceutical products for the patients, consumers and health care partners, we serve and to make the world a happier healthier place. May Almighty Allah shower His countless blessings upon us, Ameen!

On behalf of the entire Nutrabiotics team, we thank you for choosing us as your nutrition source.

Muhammad Bakhtiar Khan 
Founder & CEO