Contract Manufacturing

Nutritional Supplements

A good contract nutritional supplement manufacturer keeps production running smoothly…

So you can focus on building your business.
You have enough to worry about with the marketing side of things. You shouldn’t have to manage the production side.

That’s why so many companies choose Nutrabiotics Nutritional Life Science. Nutrabiotics brings headache-free contract vitamin manufacturer services, making it easier to run your business…

Contract Vitamin Manufacturer Services That Remove The Worry

  •  Don’t worry about delays with our quick turnaround times. We typically turn orders around within 3 weeks.
  •  Don’t worry about inventory gaps. In order to minimize inventory problems, we check in with you regularly to assess inventory and plan future production accordingly.
  •  Don’t worry about getting through to us. Our customer service team makes sure that they get back to each caller within 48 hours – maximum. And every account has a specific sales executive assigned to it. So you know exactly who to contact to get your question answered or your concern addressed.
  •  Don’t worry about missing a step. From formulation to packaging and label design … from production to fulfillment … we can manage all steps of manufacturing for you.
  •  Don’t worry about facing unexpected business opportunities and challenges alone… If something new comes up that impacts the production side of things, you should have a vitamin manufacturer partner you can depend on to help you make the most of it.

If You’re A Medium Or Large Company…

Manufacturing facility services gives us the capacity to manage significant production runs:

  •  10 blender rooms with batch size capacity up to 1000 kilos with a blending capacity of approximately 50,000 kilos weekly and can process 10 million kilos annually.
  •  5 capsule rooms have the capacity to produce 1-billion capsules annually. We can produce powder-filled capsules at a rate of 5 million daily and liquid-filled capsules at a rate of 1,00000 daily.
  •  10 tablet rooms with 17 tablet presses have the capacity to produce 10 million tablets daily and 1 billion tablets annually.
  •  Special coatings needed? Our 4 Accela Coater, 3 pharmaceutical convection pans and 2 polishing pans give us unlimited capacity for aqueous, pharmaceutical glaze and enteric coating. And we can provide custom designed coating for all colors and specifications.
  •  10 syrup rooms with batch size capacity up to 25,000 bottles filled daily.
  •  5 Sachet rooms with capacity up to 90,000 sachets filled daily.

If You’re A Smaller Business…

Our sales team takes particular pride in helping new businesses get a solid start in the growing nutrition industry. We’ll sit down with you and spend the time to answer your questions and discuss your product so you’re confident about moving forward.

In addition…

  •  You can avoid high stability testing and formulation costs by choosing any of the 100 different custom formulations we offer for private label vitamins and supplements.
  •  We do production runs of as low as 2500 bottles.
  •  We provide start to finish services, including dropshipping fulfillment. So you can keep your nutritional supplement business simple and manageable.

Concerned About Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  •  Facilities are GMP Certified and FDA Compliant.
  •  Lab is fully equipped to meet the GMP pre-testing requirements.

Quality Concerns?

  •  In order to make sure we are keeping up with new technologies and the latest research, we are continually refining our programs. Regular internal audits help us proactively spot problems and improve production.
  •  QA/QC team currently has 30 members (over 10% of our entire staff).
  •  Furthermore, facility is kosher-certified.

Looking For Help On Formulations Or Ingredient Sourcing?

  •  Turn your product concept into an effective manufacturing recipe (formula) with the help of our product development specialists. In order to make sure your formula is a success, we take into consideration consumer concerns like taste, color, dosage, delivery and other variables. Finally, our specialists bring their insider knowledge of emerging trends and cutting-edge science to help you stay ahead of the game.
  •  Find the right ingredients to make the best product at the best price. Purchasing department and master formulator have years of experience in finding the right ingredients at the best price point available. With over 2,000 ingredients that warehouse, most formulations can be made almost immediately. And if you need something special, we can tap into our extensive industry network to locate the rarest herbs, special proprietary ingredients and more.

Get Your Product Packaged, Labeled And To Your Customers
A great formulation produced under stellar conditions lays the foundation for your success. Labeling, packaging and shipping your product to your customers finalize it.

  •  Design and print the right labels to strengthen your marketing with the help of our professional label designers and printing facilities.
  •  Develop custom packaging that helps you display your nutritional supplement or box it just so for shelf appeal.
  •  Ship it directly to your customers from our warehouse. In fact, you can use our in house web design services and scripts to create an online store that hooks right into our inventory management and shipping.

Hook Your Business Up To A World-Class Vitamin Manufacturing Facility, Designed And Managed To Help Your Company Grow

When you contract with us, all of our expertise, technology and resources are at your disposal.

While it may be our laboratory, it’s your company. That’s the way we do business.

Find out how your business can benefit from our full-service contract supplement manufacturer and vitamin manufacturer services.