Drop Shipping

Contract Supplement Manufacturing

Ahh success … People tripping over each other to buy your supplements. But while that frenzy may thrill you for a few moments, for many business owners it quickly
turns to a parcel of worries.

Because how in the world are you going to get all these orders fulfilled and still take care of the 101 other things on your to-do list?

Never fear … we’ve got you covered with our drop ship program. See, the tough part of building a business is getting the word out and generating interest with your marketing. Filling those orders is a lot more straightforward.

But it still takes time, technology and strategy.

When you turn this job over to your supplement manufacturer partner, you can focus all of your energy on the most essential job for your business’s growth – the marketing.

Not only that, you can offset some of the costs of having us manage your shipping by taking advantage of the lower shipping charges we get from our carriers. As a contract vitamin manufacturer, we ship out enormous volumes.

Here’s how our drop ship program works:

  •  Every month we require a minimum deposit to secure our drop shipping services. And at the end of the month we bill the difference based on your shipping costs, handling charges and any additional special service fees.
  •  Each day we get your orders through two different routes:
    •  Route #1: You send us an Excel spreadsheet (made with our template) filled out with the orders for the day; or
    •  Route #2: Your customers’ orders come directly into our system from your website using a script that we provide.
  •  Any order received by 10 a.m. EST, gets shipped out that day.
  •  Each night, you receive a full report on the day’s shipments. The report contains all the specific information regarding each order (amount, weight, shipment cost, etc.) but also tracking numbers and an inventory update. This report comes right to your inbox by email so you can stay on top of every order that goes out.
  •  And at any time – day or night – you can check on your inventory, shipping status, account, etc. by accessing your account. So even when you push those long days, you can get the information you need when you need it. You can immediately access these critical numbers even at 2 a.m.

Additional Drop Shipping Services To Really Help Your Business

But we also offer additional services that can really make your business run smoothly as well as strengthen your marketing:

  •  If you’d like to add inserts, we can include them and segment them according to different customers or product shipments.
  •  We offer blind shipping so the only return address your customers see is yours.
  •  We can process returns and exchanges.

These additional services may come with additional fees.

It’s a perfect solution whether you’re doing large runs of custom formulations or you’re a one-person show selling private label vitamins online.

So if you’re losing too much precious marketing time managing your shipping, turn it over to us. We’ll save you the hassle so you can increase your sales.

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